The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Mobilization Time-Table is a comprehensive schedule that outlines the various stages and activities involved in the mobilization process for prospective corps members. As a rite of passage for Nigerian graduates, understanding the nuances of this timetable is crucial for a seamless transition into the one-year national service program.

NYSC Mobilization Time-Table

Key Phases of the NYSC Mobilization Time-Table:


   – Before the official commencement of mobilization, the NYSC engages in pre-mobilization activities. This phase involves collaborating with institutions of higher learning to ensure the timely submission of academic records and the preparation of the Senate/Academic Board list.

Online Registration:

   – The mobilization process kicks off with online registration. Prospective corps members are required to create accounts on the NYSC portal, providing essential personal information and uploading necessary documents such as academic certificates and identification.

Payment of Mobilization Fees:

   – Once registered, corps members are expected to pay mobilization fees through secure online platforms. This payment facilitates the processing of necessary documentation and contributes to the overall cost of mobilization.

Checking of Senate/Academic Board List:

   – After payment, prospective corps members can check the Senate/Academic Board list on the NYSC portal to confirm their inclusion. This list serves as a confirmation of eligibility for national service.

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Printing of Call-Up Letters:

   – The call-up letter is a crucial document indicating the state of deployment and orientation camp details. During this phase, corps members can print their call-up letters in preparation for the next stage.

Orientation Camp:

   – The NYSC Mobilization Time-Table includes the orientation camp phase, which spans a few weeks. During this period, corps members undergo physical training, receive lectures on various aspects of the national service, and engage in team-building activities.

Primary Assignment Deployment:

   – Following the orientation camp, corps members are deployed to their primary assignments in various sectors such as education, healthcare, government offices, and more. This phase aligns with the skills and qualifications of each corps member.

Community Development Service (CDS):

   – Throughout the service year, corps members actively participate in Community Development Service (CDS) groups. These groups engage in community projects, fostering a sense of responsibility and contributing to national development.

Monthly Allowance and Other Benefits:

   – Corps members receive a monthly allowance from the federal government, aimed at supporting them during their service year. Additionally, they may be eligible for other benefits, including healthcare and skill acquisition programs.

Passing Out Parade (POP):

    – The Mobilization Time-Table culminates in the Passing Out Parade (POP) ceremony. This marks the successful completion of the one-year national service, and corps members are issued certificates of national service.


The NYSC Mobilization Time-Table is a roadmap that guides Nigerian graduates through the various stages of the national service program. From pre-mobilization to the Passing Out Parade, each phase is designed to ensure a smooth and impactful experience for corps members as they contribute to national development, gain valuable skills, and forge lifelong connections. Staying informed and adhering to the Mobilization Time-Table is crucial for a successful and enriching NYSC journey.

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