JAMB Syllabus For Islamic Studies: Are you preparing for the JAMB 2024 Islamic Studies examination and looking for the most recent syllabus? Your search ends here! Understanding the JAMB Islamic Studies syllabus is crucial for success in the exam. In this comprehensive guide, we cover the essential topics, updates, and recommended study materials outlined in the JAMB 2024 Islamic Studies syllabus.

JAMB Syllabus For Islamic studies
Jamb 2024 Islamic studies syllabus
Jamb syllabus 2024

Introduction to JAMB Syllabus For Islamic Studies 2024

The JAMB Islamic Studies syllabus for 2024 provides a comprehensive outline for candidates, covering key areas of study in Islamic theology, jurisprudence, history, and ethics.

Key Sections and Topics

Qur’an Studies

  • Tafsir (Exegesis) of the Qur’an
  • Memorization of Selected Verses (Ayahs)
  • Understanding Islamic Teachings and Values

 Hadith Studies

  • Understanding Hadith Literature
  • Compilation and Classification of Hadith
  •  Application of Hadith in Islamic Law

Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh)

  • Principles of Fiqh and Schools of Thought
  • Rituals and Practices in Islam
  • Contemporary Issues in Islamic Law

Updates and Changes for JAMB 2024

The registration for JAMB 2024 is anticipated to commence on Monday 15th January, 2024. and typically spans several weeks, concluding by Thursday, March 28, 2024. However, it’s essential to keep an eye on official announcements from JAMB for any updates or changes to these dates.

Study Tips and Resources

The aim of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) syllabus in Islamic Studies is to prepare the candidates for the Board’s examination. It is designed to test their achievement of the course objectives, which are to:

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1.master the Qur’ān and Sunnah as foundations of Islamic and social life;

2. be familiar with Islamic heritage, culture and civilization;

3.be acquainted with the tradition of Islamic scholarship and intellectual discourse;

4.demonstrate knowledge of Islamic moral, spiritual, economic, political and social values;

5.be exposed to the fundamental principles of Islam; and 

6.be prepared to face the challenges of life as good practicing Muslim


Mastering the JAMB Islamic Studies syllabus is essential for excelling in the examination. Utilize this comprehensive guide as a valuable resource to streamline your preparation and excel in the Islamic Studies section of JAMB 2024.

NOTE: Remember, consistent practice, in-depth understanding of Islamic teachings, and using the right study resources are key to achieving success in your JAMB Islamic Studies exam.


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