JAMB Syllabus For History: Are you preparing for the JAMB 2024 History examination and searching for the most recent syllabus? You’ve arrived at the right place! Understanding the JAMB History syllabus is essential for success in the exam. In this detailed guide, we explore the crucial topics, updates, and recommended study materials outlined in the JAMB 2024 History syllabus.

JAMB Syllabus For History
Jamb 2024 history syllabus
Jamb 2024 
Jamb past questions

 Introduction to JAMB 2024 History Syllabus

The JAMB History syllabus for 2024 provides a comprehensive roadmap for candidates, covering essential periods, themes, historical events, and civilizations.

 Key Sections and Topics

Ancient Civilizations

  • Ancient African Civilizations
  • Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations
  • Ancient Asian and European Civilizations

Medieval and Modern History

  • Medieval Empires and Kingdoms
  •  Colonialism and Imperialism
  •  Revolutions and Nationalist Movements

 Contemporary World History

  • World Wars and Global Conflicts
  • Cold War Era and Post-World War II Developments
  • Decolonization and Contemporary Global Issues

Updates and Changes for JAMB 2024

Stay informed about any revisions or additions made to the JAMB History syllabus for 2024. This guide will be regularly updated to reflect any modifications announced by the examination board.

Study Tips and Resources

The aim of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) syllabus in History is to prepare the candidates for the Board’s examinations. It is designed to test their achievement of the course objectives, which are to:

1.impart knowledge of Nigerian history from earliest times to the present;

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2.identify the similarities and relationships among the peoples of Nigeria as they relate to the issues of national unity and integration;

3.appreciate Nigerian history as the basis to understand West African and African history;

4.apply history to understand Nigerian and Africa’s relationship with the wider world;

5.analyse issues of modernization and development;

6.relate the past to the present and plan for the future.

Example Of JAMB Syllabus For History

1. Land and Peoples of the Nigeria Area:

a. Geographical zones and the people.

b. The people’s relationship with the environment

c. Relations and integration among the 

peoples of different zones.

2. Early Centres of Civilization:

a. Nok, Daima, Ife, Benin, Igbo Ukwu and 

Iwo Eleru

b. Monuments and shelter systems: (Kuyambana, Durbi-ta-Kusheyi, city walls and palaces)

3. Origin and formation of States in the 

Nigeria Area

a. Central Sudan –Kanuri and Hausa,states.

b. Niger-Benue Valley – Nupe, Jukun, 

Igala, Idoma, Tiv and Ebira

c. Eastern Forest Belt – Igbo and Ibibio

Candidates should be able to:

i. identify the geographical zones and the people within them;

ii. establish the relationship between the people and the environment

iii. Comprehend the relationships among the various peoples of the Nigeria area.

Candidates should be able to:

i. examine the significance of various centres;

ii. establish the historical significance of the various monuments such as caves and rocky formations;

Candidates should be able to:

i. relate the different groups of people occupying the various zones to their traditions of origin;

ii. determine the inter-state relations;

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iii. account for their social and political organizations.


Mastery of the JAMB History syllabus is crucial for excelling in the examination. Utilize this comprehensive guide as a valuable resource to streamline your preparation and excel in the History section of JAMB 2024.

Remember, consistent practice, a clear understanding of historical events, and using recommended study resources are key to achieving success in your JAMB History exam.


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