JAMB Syllabus For Government: Are you gearing up for the JAMB 2024 Government examination and in search of the latest syllabus? Look no further! Understanding the JAMB Government syllabus is key to excelling in the exam. In this comprehensive guide, we explore the crucial topics, updates, and recommended study materials outlined in the JAMB 2024 Government syllabus.

JAMB Syllabus For Government
JAMB government syllabus
Jamb syllabus 2024
Jamb 2024

 Introduction to JAMB Syllabus For Government

The JAMB Government syllabus for 2024 provides a detailed roadmap for candidates, covering fundamental aspects of government, political systems, governance, and civic education.

Key Sections and Topics

Foundations of Government

  • Concepts of Government and Governance
  • Political Ideologies and Theories
  • Systems of Government

 Institutions of Government

  • Executive, Legislature, and Judiciary
  • Local Government Administration
  • Electoral Systems and Political Parties

Political Development and Civic Education

  • Citizenship and Rights
  •  Political Participation and Civil Society
  • Political Leadership and Governance Issues

Updates and Changes for JAMB 2024

The registration for JAMB 2024 is anticipated to commence on Monday 15th January, 2024. and typically spans several weeks, concluding by Thursday, March 28, 2024. However, it’s essential to keep an eye on official announcements from JAMB for any updates or changes to these dates.

Study Tips and Resources

Between 1960 and 1980, Nigeria experienced all the following systems of government except

a. unitary

b. federal

c. confederal

d. parliamentary

 A country is most likely to have a good government only if it has

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a. a good constitution but bad operators

b. good operatorsbutbad constitution

c. a good constitution and good operators

d. illegitimate government.

 Which of the following was the first political party in Nigeria?

a. The Action Group (AG)

b. Northern People’s Congress (NPC)

c. National Council of Nigeria and the Camerouns (NCNC)

d. Nigerian National Democratic Party (NNDP)

Which of the following is a basic principle of democracy? Rule by

a. the majority and the right of the minority

b. the minority at the expense of the majority

c. the wealthy few

d. two political parties.

The primary function of government in a state is to

a. build schools and hospitals

b. provide transport services

c. engage in campaigns and rallies

d. maintain law and order

a. Power from the gun

b. Economic power

c. Minority power

Which organ of government is vested with the responsibility of initiating bills and recommending them to the legislature for 


a.Federal Houseof Representatives

b. Executive

c. Senate

d. Judiciary.

 In democracies, the political participation could be restricted on the basis of

a. religion

b. age

c. sex

d. class.

Disenfranchisement refers to the

a. qualification of voters in an election

b. Disqualification of fraudulent president aspirants

c. denial of the right to vote in an election

d. right to vote and be voted for.

The limitation of the right to life can be found

a. among the people

b. in the case of a convicted person

c. in the executive

d. in the government


Mastery of the JAMB Government syllabus is pivotal for excelling in the examination. Utilize this comprehensive guide as a valuable resource to streamline your preparation and excel in the Government section of JAMB 2024.

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NOTE: Remember, consistent practice, a thorough understanding of government concepts, and using recommended study resources are crucial to achieving success in your JAMB Government exam.


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