JAMB Syllabus For Agriculture: Are you preparing for the JAMB 2024 Agriculture examination and in need of the latest syllabus? You’ve landed on the right page! Understanding the JAMB Agriculture syllabus is essential for exam success. In this detailed guide, we delve into the essential topics, updates, and recommended study materials outlined in the JAMB 2024 Agriculture syllabus.

Jamb syllabus for Agriculture
Jamb 2024 
Jamb agriculture syllabus for 2024
Jamb syllabus 2024

Introduction to JAMB Syllabus For Agriculture

The JAMB Agriculture syllabus for 2024 provides a comprehensive outline for candidates, covering key aspects of agriculture, including crop production, livestock management, agricultural economics, and more.

Key Sections and Topics

  •  Crop Production
  • -Principles of Crop Cultivation
  •  Crop Management Practices
  •  Plant Diseases and Pest Control

 Livestock and Animal Husbandry

  •  Animal Nutrition and Feeding
  • -Breeding and Genetics
  • Health Care and Management of Livestock

 Agricultural Economics

  • Farm Management and Planning
  • Agricultural Marketing and Value Chains
  • Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship

 Updates and Changes for JAMB 2024

The aim of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination syllabus in Agriculture is to prepare the candidates for the Board’s examination. It is designed to test their achievement of the course objectives,which are to:

1.stimulate and sustain their interest in Agriculture;

2.acquire basic knowledge and practical skills in Agriculture;

3.acquire the knowledge of interpretation and the use of data;

4.stimulate their ability to make deductions using the acquired knowledge in Agriculture.

The syllabus is divided into five sections as given below:

A.General Agriculture


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C.Animal Production

D.Agricultural Economics and Extension

E.Agricultural Technology

SECTION A: General Agriculture



1.Meaning and Scope of Agriculture

a. Definition of Agriculture

b. Branches of Agriculture

c. Types of Agriculture i.e subsistence and 


2.Importance of Agriculture

i. Provision of raw materials for agroallied industries

ii. Provision of employment

iii. Development of rural areas, etc.

3.Agricultural Ecology

a. Ecological zones of West Africa

b. Agricultural products of each ecological 

Candidates should be able to:

use the definition of Agriculture in modern terms as it relates to production,

processing and marketing.differentiate between the various branches of Agriculture.

Differentiate between the various types of 


Candidates should be able to:

Relate agro-allied industries to their respective raw materials relate the various contributions of Agriculture to economic development in West Africa.

Candidates should be able to:

Differentiate between the features of the ecological zones in West Africa classify agricultural products according to each

Study Tips and Resources

  • Recommended Textbooks and Study Guides
  •  Past Questions and Practice Tests
  •  Effective Study Techniques for Agriculture


Mastering the JAMB Agriculture syllabus is crucial for excelling in the examination. Utilize this comprehensive guide as a valuable tool to streamline your preparation and excel in the Agriculture section of JAMB 2024.

Remember, consistent practice, thorough understanding of agricultural concepts, and using the right study resources are pivotal to achieving success in your JAMB Agriculture exam.


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