The HillCity Foundation Scholarship is a non-profit initiative aimed at supporting and adding value to students in Nigeria. This scholarship focuses on fostering sustainable development by addressing various facets of a student’s growth.

Scholarship Components:

1. Education Support Programme: 

3. Mentorship Programme

4. Economic Empowerment Programme

Scholarship Requirements:

To be eligible for the HillCity Foundation Scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

– Minimum CGPA of 4.0.

– Enrollment in a Federal or State University in Nigeria.

– Submission of two recommendation letters from lecturers.

– Possession of a valid ID card.

– Submission of a signed result/evidence of CGPA by the Head of Department.

– A letter of identification from the department.

Application Process:

Follow these steps to apply for the HillCity Foundation Scholarship:

1. Visit the official online portal.

2. Click on “Create Account.”

3. Upload a passport photo.

4. Complete the scholarship form.

5. Click on “Submit Form.”

6. Log in to the portal.

7. Upload personal and academic information.

Required Documents:

Ensure you upload the following documents for your scholarship application:

– Passport photo.

– Birth certificate.

– O’level result.

– JAMB admission letter.

– Two recommendation letters.

– School ID card.

– Signed result/evidence of CGPA by your HOD.

– Letter of identification from your department.

Application Deadline: January 31st, 2024.

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